Golden Mulberry(Heptagon 7)

Golden Mulberry (Heptagon 7)


This tree is only growth at Mikura Island in Japan.

This wood shines with golden color if it polished,it is very beautiful,

So we call it Golden Mulberry.

It is used as a material of an artistic handicraft, high-class-oriented furniture, such as table, tea-Furniture, etc and it is known as an expensive tree.

Hand grip section and Bottom are shaved Heptagon.

Tip section is shaved the Edge of circle.

This wood is very rare wood. When sold out it, we are not promise next sell. Even if we purchase it, it would be getting only a few chopsticks. 

Please enjoy these beautiful wood !



 ※8.7inches=22cm, 9.5inches-24cm


Wood: Golden Mulberry           
Surface finish: Japanese lacquer (natural)
Craftsman: Daikokuya

Made in Japan