Rikyu Chopsticks - Heptagon -(Oil Finish)

Rikyu Chopsticks -Heptagon-

                                (Oil Finish)



Oil-finished chopsticks (no lacquer) 

Characteristics of oil-finished chopsticks using vegetable oil make it

easy to pinch food, you can feel warmth of wood and enjoy aging change.


About Heptagon Chopsticks

Chopsticks grasp by three fingers that is odd number,

so Heptagon(7 angles) is best fit angles to grasp chopsticks!

These chopsticks shaves Heptagon from bottom to 1mm(0.03inches) of tip point. 



About Rikyu Chopsticks

This style that bottom thinner than hand grip points were made by Rikyu master of ceremonial tea about 400 years ago.

Rikyu shaved the bottom of chopsticks to enjoy the fragrance of wood to the guest.

So we call it Rikyu chopsticks


About wood : Macassar ebony (marble ebony)

Macassar ebony is black and pale brown striped pattern are contained, and used as the highest-class wood to floor, pillar,

In order to this wood is very hard to shave by hand, it is a difficult wood, but if it polishes, it become very beautiful grain.

Please enjoy the grain of Macasser ebony with Rikyu Chopsticks.

This grain that reaches you is the only one in the world.


Oil-finished chopsticks can be maintained by yourself.


 Maintenance method


When the color of the tip of chopsticks has changed or

when the color turns whitish overall, put vegetable oil

 (such as olive oil) in cloth or paper etc. and paint it

on the whole chopstick for a while and then wipe off oil or rinse off.

(It is effective to wrap it in plastic lap after applying oil.)

※In order to prevent smell from sticking to chopsticks, use of oil with smell

cannot be recommended (commercially available extra virgin oil etc.).


Please enjoy the secular change of chopsticks.




Surface finish: vegetable oil 
Made in Japan

Rikyu Chopsticks - Heptagon -(Oil Finish)

Our Selling Price: US$117.00

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