Finest Soba noodles(Non-slip finish)

Finest Soba Noodles (Non-slip Finish)   


Non-slip finish of chopsticks makes it easier to pinch

It is finished with powder crushed lacquer to the slip stop of the tip of chopsticks,

it became easier to pick up food.

These soba chopsticks are shaved by the quadrangle at tip point, so soba noodles cannot slide easily.

And also are shaved by octagon at finger grip section for easy to hold.

Please enjoy soba noodles with these chopsticks.


Recommended For Restaurants

Non-slip finish of chopsticks protects the tip of chopsticks in addition to the effect of slip prevention, and makes chopsticks last longer.

It is recommended for restaurants that wash frequently every day.


About Wood: Iron wood

Iron wood is very hard and strong.


Length:23.5cm (9.3 inches)

Surface finish:  Japanese lacquer (natural)

Craftsman:  Daikokuya

Made in Japan

Finest Soba noodles(Non-slip finish)

Our Selling Price: US$58.00

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