Gift Box Set 2 pairs with Rest (Miyajima)

Gift Box Set 2 Pairs With Rest (Miyajima)


Miyajima Chopsticks

The famous Miyajima shrine is imagined.

These chopsticks are the modification octagon.

It is not only shaved square, but also shaved an angle on all sides at Hand grip section.

And tip section is shaved circle.


Chopsticks and rest of Macassar ebony (marble ebony)

Macassar ebony is black and pale brown striped pattern are contained, and used as the highest-class wood to floor, pillar,

In order to this wood is very hard to shave by hand, it is a difficult wood, but if it polishes, it become very beautiful grain.


Chopsticks rest of Satine

It is so beautiful red wood that it is thrilled.

The quality of the Satine has smooth and uniform wood skin.



Size: 21.5cm (8.5inch) and 23.5cm (9.25inch)
Surface finish: Japanese lacquer (natural)
Craftsman: Daikokuya

Made in Japan

Gift Box Set 2 pairs with Rest (Miyajima)

Our Selling Price: US$120.00

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