Shamugaki (Heptagon 7)

Shamugaki (Heptagon 7)


Please enjoy the warmth of wood by not painted the Japanese Lacquer.


An official name is called "JIRIKOTE" "ZERIKOTE".

The material is solid and heavy wood.

One of the luxury wood in recent years because growth of a wood is slow,

and the grain is also beautiful.

Hand grip section and Bottom are shaved Heptagon.

Tip section is shaved the Edge of circle.

Please enjoy these beautiful wood !



 ※8.7inches=22cm, 9.5inches-24cm


Wood: Zerikote          
Surface finish: Polish (natural wood)
     ※ This wood is injecting consolidation agent for wood to suppresses a curve,
          it is no slip by lacquer, so it becomes very easy to pick food by this method.

Craftsman: Daikokuya

Made in Japan