Perfect Collapsible Chopsticks (heptagon)

Perfect Collapsible Chopsticks (Heptagon 7)


Made from Customer's Voice

These chopsticks were developed from the request of the customer who would like to carry the  chopsticks of the heptagon and octagon.


It is connected by magnet, so do not loose like screw style! 

If it puts and right and left are mistaken,the magnet will repulsion,
and the mistake is inform.

You will surprise when look that two angles connected perfectly!


Message from Katsuhiko Takeda that Craftsman

It was very difficult to have united two polygons precisely,
so we did tie-up with three companies of Japan with very advanced technology, such as a company which makes a fine hole into chopsticks,
and a company which processes a stainless steel stick there,
performed development of this product.

I think chopsticks are important tool for life because use it every day,
so please choose your best one.




This is very precisely,do not put the magnet in water.
Surface finish: Japanese lacquer (natural)
Made in Japan


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Perfect Collapsible Chopsticks (heptagon)

Our Selling Price: US$298.00

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