BIG Chopsticks (Ebony)

BIG Chopsticks (Ebony-Heptagon)


If you looking for Big chopsticks,

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About 1.5 times of usual diameter of Heptagon Chopsticks

                     About 0.55inches(1.4cm)


About Heptagon Chopsticks

Hand grip section and Bottom are shaved Heptagon.

Tip section is shaved the Edge of circle.


About wood : Macassar ebony (marble ebony)

Macassar ebony is black and pale brown striped pattern are contained, and used as the highest-class wood to floor, pillar,

In order to this wood is very hard to shave by hand, it is a difficult wood, but if it polishes, it becomes very beautiful grain.

Please enjoy the grain of Macasser ebony with these chopstcks.

This grain that reaches you is the only one in the world.

Surface finish: Polish (natural wood)
Made in Japan