Snake Wood (Rikyu Chopsticks-Heptagon)

Snake Wood (Rikyu Chopsticks-Heptagon)


The world's Highest Wood


It is called" Snake wood "by characteristic snakeskin patterns.

You could not think the grain made from nature, when you had.

It is also one of the highest chopsticks at our shop.


About Rikyu Chopsticks (Heptagon)

The streamline is beautiful

so when you take the chopsticks you feel your hand more beautiful.

Chopsticks grasp by three fingers that is odd number,

so Heptagon(7 angles) is best fit angles to grasp chopsticks!

These chopsticks shaves Heptagon from bottom to 1mm(0.03inches) of tip point.

And bottom shaves thin than hand grip point so it's makes beautiful body line.

An expensive knife breaks just used it several times for Hard Wood. 




Size:9.2inches=23.5cm, 9.8inch=25cm


Wood: Snake wood   
Scientific Name: Brosimum guianense
Distribution: South America
Surface finish: Japanese lacquer (natural)
Craftsman: Daikokuya
Made in Japan

Raw woo of Snake     

Snake Wood (Rikyu Chopsticks-Heptagon)

Our Selling Price: US$389.00

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