Satine (Heptagon 7)

Satine (Heptagon 7)


It is so beautiful red wood that it is thrilled.

The quality of the Satine has smooth and uniform wood skin.

Since it is very hard, good wooden chopsticks are made.

Hand grip section and Bottom are shaved Heptagon.

Tip section is shaved the Edge of circle.

This wood is very rare wood. When sold out it, we are not promise next sell. Even if we purchase it, it would be getting only a few chopsticks.

Please enjoy these beautiful red wood !


 ※8.7inches=22cm, 9.5inches-24cm


Wood: Satine   
Scientific Name: Brosimum paraense  
Distribution: Tropical South America      
Surface finish: Japanese lacquer (natural)
Craftsman: Daikokuya
Made in Japan

 Raw Satine       Beautiful Red Wood