Sushi and Bamboo Case Gift Set

Sushi and Bamboo Case Gift Set


Bamboo Chopsticks case

Chopsticks do not move by rolling chopsticks
and it protects chopsticks body and tip point by bamboo.
Also This Case is able to wash by water, it is sanitary.
This case made by bamboo of craftsman that authorized by the Tokyo government.
So he makes correctly by hand.


Sushi Chopsticks

The world's first sushi chopsticks
Tip point of sushi chopsticks is shaved in Flat to take sushi. (width is about 4 mm, 0.16inches)
And hand grip section is shaved by the ellipse, so that it becomes right-angled to the tip point.
When sushi chopsticks held, Tip point is always keeping perpendicularly to sushi.
It is very easy to pick the sushi and very cool if eat with it at sushi restaurant.

About wood : Macassar ebony (marble ebony)

Macassar ebony is black and pale brown striped pattern are contained, and used as the highest-class wood to floor, pillar,

In order to this wood is very hard to shave by hand, it is a difficult wood, but if it polishes, it become very beautiful grain.


Size:Sushi Chopsticks 22cm (8.7 inches)  
Surface finish: Japanese lacquer (natural)
Craftsman of Chopsticks: Daikokuya  

Made in Japan


  • Japanese paper gift case is including in the price.

Sushi and Bamboo Case Gift Set

Our Selling Price: US$71.00

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