Wooden Chopsticks

                  The chopsticks Made from fine wood ,Macasser Ebony and Golden Mulberry,
                Satine ,Snakewood,etc.
                It is creating, only when the beautiful wood of grain is obtained.

                                                        Please choose your favorite rare wood !



           Macasser Ebony Wood

             Macassar ebony contains black and pale brown striped pattern and used as
             the highest-class wood to floor, pillar,In order to this wood is very hard,
             it is a difficult wood to shave by hand, but if it polishes, it become very beautiful grain.



Golden Mulberry

This wood shines with golden color if it polished,it is very beautiful,

So we call it Golden Mulberry.

It is used as a material of an artistic handicraft, high-class-oriented furniture, such as table, tea-Furniture, etc  and it is known as an expensive tree  in Japan.


Snake Wood

Snake wood  is one of the highest chopsticks at our shop.
The "Snake wood" with a beautiful pattern like the scale of a snake is also called "letterwood." Although processing is very  difficult, the Snake wood in which the beautiful pattern appeared is worthy, and is said to be highest-class in wood, so that it becomes property. 






These days, it is rare and expensive wood in Japan.This wood grows up even in Russia and china,but the beautiful ripple wood has only Japanese ash wood (grow in the northern part of Japan)

It is finished at elastic chopsticks.



Satine Wood

It is so beautiful  red wood

The quality of the Satine has smooth and uniform wood skin.Since it is very hard, good wooden chopsticks are made. The center of a wood portion can take only deep red. There are the peculiar tone and gloss from which brightness of red changes with the directions to see.