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There are many chopsticks in Japan.
But almost chopsticks made by machine or made in Asia.
It makes cheap price but now we difficult to find high quality chopsticks now.
We lost many craftsmen of chopsticks. But Technique and Spirit of craftsman still alive in Japan.
We introduce Rikyu Stlye Chopsticks (Heptagon)that is the most difficult for handmade.
Fundamental designed made 400 years ago and now craftsman add an arrangement on it.






Japanese Traditional Tool

Kanna use to shave chopsticks.
It made by kanna craftsman .


Seven Angles

Shaves seven angles to bottom only Craftsman of Daikokuya in Japan.
Because t
o shave the seven angles is more difficult than even angles.



Breath,Stop and Shave

In order to shave seven angles to closer tip point, the craftsman shaves with stop a breath for do not move hand.



Total Balance

Not only shave to seven angles but also important to take total balance.
It needs long experience of craftsman.Impossible by machine.