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 Japanese Chopsticks


About Japanes chopsticks "Hashi"

There are many style of chopsticks in Asian countries.
In Japan,it has progressed uniquely for take small food that fish bone, etc.
We call chopsticks “Hashi”. Japan Chopsticks delivery only “Hashi” that wooden chopsticks that all handmade.
There is nothing same wooden grain.So craftsman is creating chopsticks as talk to wood.
We would like to you to feel wooded warm from chopsticks and spread the merit of wooden chopsticks in the world.

We sell the chopsticks of Daikokuya -Photo is Shop Of The Daikokuya


Do your Chopsticks Really Fitting Your Hand ?

There are many cheap chopsticks made by machine in the World Now.
But these chopsticks are difficult to fit your hand.
Because design of many chopstick is circle and four angles.
Chopsticks is using to three fingers to hold Chopsticks.
So circle and four angles do not fit your hand.
We believe best fit angle is odd angles.Our Japanese Chopsticks Shop introduces specially seven angles chopsticks that best fit for hand.
And we also introduces wooden chopsticks for enjoy wooden worm and beautiful wooden grain.
Please enjoy your meal with wooden chopsticks that fit your hand.
Many Customers said “I never buck plastics and four angle chopsticks”


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